GIGA’s Mission

GIGA was established for the purpose of erecting buildings for public institutions and private companies with special care for the performance quality and with respect for the natural environment. Every GIGA member, starting from engineers and analysts, and finishing with directors and the management board, perceives that construction is something more than just a structural-engineering aspect.

Construction consists not only in erecting new structures but also striving for permanent and valuable interpersonal relationships contributing to our better future.

GIGA Mission

The Company’s Vision

From the beginning of its existence, GIGA aims to set trends in the two main fields - production effectiveness and employees’ development.

We understand production effectiveness as ongoing research within the optimal use of materials, as well as the minimisation of waste produced in the building site. Such responsible management of raw materials helps to protect the natural environment. This is also operation optimisation which contributes to the accomplishment of better timeliness and the continuous increase of implementation quality.

GIGA effectiveness

Our Company endeavours to create a workplace with which employees will identify and in which they will use their abilities to the full extent. We create conditions for extending the perspectives of people under our care because we keep listening to their needs. We allow them to develop in various fields and improve their competences. Such an attitude contributes to making our organisation more flexible when facing unpredictable events.

Our Company

GIGA’ Code of Values:



A stable structure must have a stable foundation. At our Company these are transparent rules which allow us to achieve the top quality. GIGA Team has been proving its reliability for years - we encourage other companies to imitate our good practices.



We appreciate people who take an initiative and want to improve their competences. Employees may help our organisation by their actions because strategic decisions are as important as ongoing actions. We believe that all employees may become the promotors of changes for the better.



We all fulfil our tasks with passion because our goals are the same. We observe the work of our colleagues and we are ready for acting to help the entire team. We take environmentally-friendly decisions guided by the rule - “the future generations should find the Earth in the same or even better condition”.

How are our goals achieved?