The value of GIGA Company is based on the optimal adaptation of an organisational structure to the scale of a given project.

GIGA’s ability to adapt the structure accordingly to the implemented investment is a competitive advantage - it requires joining the human capital and the accurate application of long-term procedures. Furthermore, it is the integral part of the Company’s attitude, which, right from the first days of its existence, is a bridge joining investors and construction companies. Such an approach, enabled GIGA in the short term to act as a general contractor.

1 Design consulting
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2 Partners selection
  • Construction
  • Sanitary
  • Electric
  • Cooling / Ventilation
Materials and Services
  • Steel structures
  • Pre-fabricated structures
  • SN and NN switching stations
  • Thin floor concrete
  • Ventilation / Cooling
  • Negotiations with partners
  • Evaluation of production capacity suppliers
  • Determining a delivery schedule
  • Appointing personnel supervising deliveries and their quality
GIGA Construction

GIGA is able to implement any investment without limitations as to the total value or a complexity level - this is possible owing to the integration of construction consulting with designing and implementation processes.

For more than 20 years GIGA has been offering the complete scope of construction services, starting from a design and finishing with a turnkey finishing. Buildings are performed based on ready-made documentation or own designs. GIGA supports its customers in the implementation of the entire investment process, including building finishing and obtaining an occupancy permit.

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A need

The analysis of project needs and requirements


Determining an optimal implementation method


Solid and safe work

General Contractor

Cooperation with customers

Each project is different and it must be tailored. We share our experience with our partners by recommending optimal solutions.

Preparatory works

We establish a schedule and required expenditures accurately. We adapt an organisational structure with the use of a long-term and reliable model.


Each implementation is coordinated in a trustworthy manner by consulting with experienced engineers acting according to high professional ethics and caring for employees and the environment.

GIGA employees help our Customers to choose optimal material and construction solutions, allowing to reduce the implementation time, and it appoints reliable contractors specialising in such sectors as the prefabrication of compressed structure or cooling installation. When planning a given investment, we use a reliable database with companies which are market leaders in their respective sectors.

A crucial thing for a company is a partner-like relationship with companies participating in the implementation of projects. Many of them benefited from collaboration consisting in exchanging acquired experience with GIGA.

Our Company entered into consortium agreements with the largest enterprises in Poland, such as:

  • Johnson Controls (market leader in cooling and industrial ventilation)
  • Consolis (market leader in the manufacturing of ferroconcrete prefabricates and compressed concrete) and

Combining the knowledge, experience and resources of consortium partners allows for implementing projects at the top quality level, securing the interests of each party.

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