GIGA Rental is an initiative aimed at constructing office space for rent in the most attractive locations. A significant increase in demand for real estates for rent is an occasion for making use of the acquired knowledge and experience.


Furthermore, the construction of premises for rent is a part of GIGA Group’s larger plan of diversifying the implemented types of investments bringing in new sources of income.


At the first stage, GIGA Rental will implement projects on Warsaw market and nearby Warsaw.


GIGA Rental Cieślewskich

For the latest information on the development, please visit the website: GIGA RENTAL


The investment of GIGA Rental Cieślewskich was started in the 4th quarter of 2021.


As part of the investment, the existing GIGA headquarters will be expanded and a new office building will be constructed.


The existing building will have a floor area of approximately 340 m2, while the new office building will have a floor area of approximately 840 m2.


Initial concepts for the new building have met with great interest from companies looking to lease for 5, 10 or more years.


Biurowiec GIGA Rental


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