Main Facts

Investor: The Capital City of Warsaw - Praga Południe District

Performed works: earthworks, foundation and finishing works, the performance of sanitary, electric, ventilation installations, door and window woodwork, floors, acoustics and attenuation
Implementation time: November 2009-November 2010

Implementation description:

The construction of the subsidy of the Culture Promotion Centre (currently PROM Kultury Saska Kępa) in Warsaw at the intersection of Paryska, Brukselska and Wersalska Streets. A three-storeyed facility, with semi-basement, with a flat roof fulfilling the function of a terrace in the form of an amphitheatre with a summer cafe. Apart from the art gallery rooms, a cafe, conference rooms and a dance hall, the facility also has a cinema hall with a professional sound system and light system for 150 people. This building is characteristic for the use of top quality materials.