Main Facts

Investor: Sokołów S. A.

Performed works: demolition works, the elimination of sanitary and electric collisions, the ferroconcrete structure of foundations, the performance of a roof and light casing, woodwork and ironwork, resin floors, mounting the switching stations, the performance of lighting, mounting the busbars, ventilation and cooling installations, land development
Implementation time: May 2016-January 2017

Implementation description:

Another investment implemented for Sokołów S.A. in which GIGA fulfilled a role of a general contractor. The works were carried out in the operating plant, what was connected with the need for additional agreements for the purpose of implementing construction works without production standstills. It was also necessary to eliminate collisions between the newly-erected building and the operating plant (within sanitary and SN electric sectors) which required multi-sector pre-agreements. GIGA, while making use of its experience in the construction of large warehouses and its know-how in preparing detailed designs, was able to implement the investment in the record-breaking time. The erected structure covers ca. 3 500 m2 and it includes a separated cooling part where, among other things, ammonia is used as a cooling medium.